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Downhill Mountain Bike Vs. Motocross Bike At Ft. William

Downhill Mountain Bike Vs. Motocross Bike At Ft. William

“But what I didn’t realize was just what a nutter the cyclist could be.”
- James May, Top Gear
Pro downhiller Gee Atherton and Enduro Motocross dude David Knight square off in a race pitting man against machine, or rather, a race pitting man on a machine WITHOUT a motor versus man on a machine WITH a motor. It’s something we’ve all pondered while out riding on those trails that we share with our motorized brethren — can those guys ride what I’m riding as well as I’m riding it? The concept (and the sort of contrived smack-talking) is very Top Gear, and Gee Atherton is no stranger to working under Top Gear-like conditions. In fact, he appeared in an episode of the BBC show a couple years back wherein he raced his bike against a Renault Clio driven by James May through the streets of Lisbon.
See the Top Gear vid after the break…

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Draper Utah Velo Park Approved!!!

 Sign me up for a season pass right now...  I might even move back to Salt Lake County.

The Draper City Council approved the Draper Velopark Master Plan last night.  The Park is to be located near Corner Canyon just west of the Ballard Equestrian Center where there is currently a convergence of bicycle activity with mountain biking, road biking, and cyclocross.  The Park will include a velodrome, criterium course, in-line skating, cyclocross, mountain bike zone, climbing wall, kid's park, and new trails.  We are very excited to have the support of Draper City for this project and look forward to working towards construction

Amazing Old Workout Tape Footage....

I may try this breathing next time I am at the gym....

This workout video brings a whole new meaning to heavy breathing

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VW's High Tech Car Factory

Andy Irons Memorials


Sad & Beautiful

About 1000 of Andy's friends paddled out at Andy's local beach to celebrate Andy's life.
Magical video.
HANALEI, KAUAI, HAWAII - (Nov. 14, 2010) - Hanalei Bay offered a window into heaven today as thousands gathered from around Hawaii and the world to celebrate the life of three-time world surfing champion Andy Irons. At the shore of Andy's cherished home, family, friends, and those whose lives have been touched by the 32-year-old gathered to bid farewell to the surfer, father, brother, son and husband who inspired a generation.
In the embrace of majestic Hanalei, Andy's younger brother Bruce led close to 1,000 friends in a paddle out beyond the rising waves to encircle a double-hull canoe that carried Andy's wife Lyndie, his parents and close friends. On shore, thousands more watched on as Andy's ashes were released into the sea and flowers poured from a helicopter circling above.
At the same time, synchronized tributes were taking place around the world from Australia to Europe, and mainland USA in the greatest outpouring of aloha the surfing world has ever seen. It was a fitting tribute to a young man whose home-grown achievements, passion for life and family, and committed character proved that childhood dreams are worth chasing.
Mahalo to the Irons Family, who opened their arms to share their son with the world and embraced us all today. Mahalo to the community of Hanalei for allowing us to partake in this day and who will continue to support the Irons family for many years to come.

Video courtesy of Prickett Films.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

travis pastrana nascar launch

199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story
MTV's Nitro Circus: Season One
Travis Pastrana (Amazing Athletes)

Titus Bicycles Brand Up For Auction, Offers Accepted Until Friday, Nov. 19

Titus Bicycles Brand Up For Auction, Offers Accepted Until Friday, Nov. 19

Titus, a brand founded by Chris Cocalis in 1991, has had a rocky path to ride since he sold his stake in the company and parted ways in 2006.
Since that time, Titus has switched hands several times and burned through a couple CEOs. Now, current owner Factors Southwest (FSW) has ceased activity with the brand and put it up for auction. They’re accepting bids until Friday, November 19, and the auction includes Titus’ tradenames, trademarks, logos, website, customer lists, inventory and property.
FSW has said they’re moving quickly to minimize the brand’s time off the market, which would obviously help a new owner. To that effect, they’re offering bidders the opportunity to bid in several ways to expedite the process, including bids on the note as well as the assets. Full auction details can be found on BRAIN’s website.
In an interview with Bikeradar, Titus’ former CEO Mike Gaumond, said they had been trying to raise additional capital as recently as last week, but when that fell through, FSW foreclosed. “We’d run out of money,” he said. “And they laid everyone off at that point anyway.”
It’s unclear what will come of warranty and customer support issues at this time. Here’s hoping some good management with a bit of backing comes together…Titus has had some legitimately bad ass bikes recently, not the least of which is the Rockstar 29er they showed at Sea Otter (above).


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TimeScapes Film Project

TimeScapes Film Project

TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

Timescapes is a video project of Tom Lowe that blends time lapse, nature shots, and new age music. You can see more of his work at the Timescapes site. The problem with new age music is that it will never cease being new age. Regardless, the video is impressive.


Chocolate #9 Energy Gel – Low Glycemic Energy from Agave and Cocoa

ChoReview: Chocolate #9 Energy Gel – Low Glycemic Energy from Agave and Cocoa

Chocolate #9 is unique in the energy gel world. First, it only has two ingredients: Organic Agave and Breakfast Cocoa.
Second, it has an extremely low glycemic index, making it perfect for diabetic athletes…which is likely how they partnered up with Team Type 1 as an official sponsor.
But, even if you’re not diabetic, you may want to take a look at their product. We sampled it around most of our contributors and the overall comments were super positive for both flavor and effectiveness. The formula is also unique in that it doesn’t add any electrolytes, so you’ll have to supplement with some caps or one of the myriad effervescent tablets now available, but it contains 6% of your DV of Iron. There’s more: Because agave has a lower caloric concentration than sucrose, fructose or maltodextrin, there’s only 15g of carbs per packet (versus 21g to 27g for most other gels we compared it to), so you’ll have to consume a bit more of it to provide the same energy.
Lastly, “Breakfast Cocoa” is an FDA term for the type of cocoa used here, which has the highest fat content. Here, it contributes about 1g of fat, good for roughly 10 calories of additional energy.
Because it’s so simple, you’re not getting preservatives or other junk, and it seems to work. Read on for nutritional facts and comments from our testers

MARISA (triathlete): When I see the word chocolate, I zoom in on my target and not even a burning building will keep me from obtaining whatever that object is that says I will have chocolate when opened. Naturally, when asked to try Chocolate #9, I elbowed people out of my way to pick up my supply.
The makers of this product have labeled it “Low” on the Glycemic Index and refer to it as “Slo-Burn Energy”. I have tried this product in training and racing (International distance triathlon) and the results are impressive. I also had my boyfriend try it, he has to go for several hours without eating due to his profession. He was very impressed with this little packet of chocolate joy and its mere 70 calories which kept him satiated for over several hours while in the operating room. But performance aside for now, the taste and consistency is similar to chocolate cake batter but with a more intense dark chocolate flavor. If it weren’t for my pre-existing abnormal levels of energy (at times referred to as “hyperactivity”), I’d eat this stuff just because it tastes so darn good. But I refrain to preserve the sanity of the people around me.
Many sport gels result in stomach cramps, bloating, acid reflux, or diarrhea or sometimes all of the above. The contents and osmolarity of sport gels has a lot to do with how a person’s body will digest and assimilate its form of sugar provided. Training and racing intensity levels play the biggest role in whether or not a person is actually going to digest it or if it will in fact be spewed right out of the body just as fast as it when in. The sugars in Chocolate #9 come to us from agave nectar. Essentially, the only two ingredients in this product are agave nectar and dark Belgian style breakfast cocoa processed with alkali (alkali is used in cocoa to buffer acidity).
Simplicity is paramount when considering which nutritional sport supplements should enter your month during activity. However, there are certain elements the body uses up during activity and subsequently needs replaced to be able to perform as desired, those being: glucose, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Anything beyond that is a bonus (or detriment in some cases). Chocolate #9’s formulation contains 15g of sugar, 75mg of sodium, 1g of fat, 1g of fiber, and less than 1g of protein. All sounds pretty good to me. The cocoa contains, in small amounts, naturally occurring caffeine, potassium, and magnesium.
Agave nectar also contain iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Its sugar consists mainly of fructose (which equals “slo-burn”) and a small percentage of glucose (quick energy!). The theory behind this product is seemingly sound. So, how did it stand up during activity: I’d say it met my expectations. No GI distress, interestingly, not even during a lactate threshold heart rate during racing and I did feel that my energy was sustained on some longer bike rides and bike/run training sessions just slightly over 3 hours. In those cases, about a 300-500 calorie breakfast 90 minutes before pedaling, about 12 oz of a 100 calorie sport drink, and only 1 serving of #9 did the trick. At one point during a long ride I noticed a slight hunger pang…all I had was a packet of #9 and that sustained me for another 20 miles. How do I know it wasn’t the breakfast or sport drink? I have tried numerous fuel and hydration combos during the past decade with hopes of finding supernatural “energy” to support my endurance sport training and racing needs and wants and I seem to have a pretty good grasp on what an upset stomach looks and feels like and what a bonk looks and feels like.
Best features: tastes good, does not induce stomach or intestinal upset, has some caffeine (I heart caffeine for its ergogenic properties), and its nutritional simplicity.
Oh yeah, I’d buy the stuff.
BRAD (roadie): Energy gels are usually pretty hard for me to stomach. Fruit flavors taste the worst to me, so I stick to chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and plain flavors when I need some energy out on a ride. I usually choose GU, but I’m always open to new flavors, so I was excited when #9 Chocolate Agave showed up at my door.
This is definitely a heavy, dark chocolate flavor. It’s sweetened with agave, so the flavor is lacking that familiar sweetness of sugar in chocolate, but #9 imitates a dark chocolate pretty well. Just as you would expect with dark chocolate (think coco powder, not Hersheys), there is a little bit of bitterness to the flavor, which I enjoyed (I’m also a dark chocolate fan.) I was glad to have a full bottle of water to wash this down with though, the bitterness really stuck around after I finished off the packet.
Most energy gels have a similar consistency, and this one is no exception. It was easy enough to squeeze (and use everything in the packet) and easy to swallow. It sticks to the roof of your mouth for a while before you can it all down, but I have the same problem with every energy gel I try.
I popped one of these out as I felt a bonk coming on about 2 ½ hours into our planned 4 hour ride, and it got me safely home with enough energy left for a post-ride spin downtown after a quick shower. One packet only has 70 calories compared to 100 calories in my normal chocolate GU packet, but has quite a bit more sugar (13g) than most energy gels (5 grams in GU.) The extra sugar wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, #9 is sweetened with agave so they aren’t bad, complex processed sugars, and are easier for the body to break down.
Other Notes
I also appreciated the amazingly simple ingredients list; organic agave and breakfast cocoa. That’s it! It feels good to give the body some natural energy, and I was surprised #9 Chocolate Agave performed so well for being so simple. And since #9 Chocolate Agave is vegan and diabetic friendly, it is a good natural alternative to some gels with artificial ingredients. It tastes good and works well, so #9 Chocolate Agave gets a thumbs up from me.
ZACH (mountain biker): The packaging is interesting, good choice of color and layout. What’s number 9? I was skeptical off the bat due to the fact that it is vegan, low fat, and low a glycemic index, it seems that this would be counterproductive to providing energy. However, the taste is awesome. I normally steer clear of chocolate energy products because they tend to dry out my mouth while riding, but I think I could do this on a ride. My girlfriend said it tasted like Hershey’s syrup, which could be a good thing. Has a slight metallic aftertaste which could be the alkali from the cocoa processing? While using it on a ride I had no adverse affects, meaning I pretty much kept at the same level. It may have postponed my bonking slightly, but it definitely didn’t give me the boost of GU, which seems to deaden the ache in my legs while riding. The effect for me was similar to Power gel. Overall if you were looking for a vegan, all natural, LGI energy gel look #9 up, for me I’m sticking with GU.
EVAN: Give me more. I love it.
TYLER: It seems to work pretty well while riding, but it does come off a bit sweet for my personal tastes. I like the simple ingredient list, though, and chocolate fans will likely freak out over it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 Fulcrum Racing Red Metal 29 XL Wheels Drop 100g, Get Stiffer

2011 Fulcrum Racing Red Metal 29 XL Wheels Drop 100g, Get Stiffer

Fulcrum racing has overhauled their signature Red Metal 29er wheel, with a new rim that saves 100g in overall weight, while making a stiffer, stronger package thanks to the use of new circular section aluminum straight-head spokes. Packed with technology, this tubeless wheel will make a great XC, all-mountain, or marathon racing wheel. See everything the Red Metal 29er XL has to offer after the break.

The Red Metal 29 XL starts with a new rim from the previous version, with a new profile design to make it more rigid. A special single milling process saves some weight during the creation of this rim, contributing to the 100g saved over last year’s model.

A hybrid spoke system adds strength and rigidity. The front wheel uses a 2:1 lacing ratio, with 14 spokes cross laced on the left side of the hub, and 7 spokes radially laced on the right side. The rear wheel uses the same ratio, with 8 crossed spokes on the left and 16 crossed spokes on the right side.

The Red Metal 29 XL wheelset is quick release ready, and the front wheel comes standard with a 15mm axle adapter for traditional style forks.
The total weight for this wheelset is a claimed 1750g, which is, again, 100g lighter than the previous model. The XL in the product name stands for “extra light”, an appropriate name, considering the wheelset is 278g lighter than the 2028g Red Metal 29 SL. The XL model boasts a 931g front wheel and a 1097g rear wheel.
The Red Metal 29 XL should begin shipping sometime this month.

Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheelset - Shimano Black, 700c/Shimano HG

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Callum Pettit- 09/10 Edit TGR

Callum Pettit- 09/10 Edit

Callum Pettit- 09/10 Edit from leo hoorn on Vimeo.

Here is some 09/10 TGR footage that didn't make the movies, plus a bit that did. Enjoy and have a good winter!

Edited by Leo Hoorn and Callum Pettit 

New Nano-K Carbon Road Handlebar, Oversized Pro-Level Stem and Colors from FSA

Interbike 2010: New Nano-K Carbon Road Handlebar, Oversized Pro-Level Stem and Colors from FSA

If you recall, the big news from FSA was the release of their all-new complete drivetrain group: Metron.
On the backside of their display, they had some updates and new products for their K-Force components. The new K-Force Light Nano K road handlebar has carbon nano tubes in the resin. During the curing and molding process, it fuses the nano tubes into the unidirectional carbon fiber to create a stronger, more impact resistant bar. It weighs in at 189g (about 20g lighter than the regular K-Force Light bar). MSRP is $350.
Below it is a new stem developed with pros in mind, and they have some new graphic color options. Peep ‘em after the break…

The new K-Force Light Road Stem (which officially debuted in May) is extremely oversized by request of Pro Tour teams that wanted something extremely stiff. It uses reversed bolts on the face plate for both aesthetics and to save a bit of weight because they don’t have to reinforce the face plate as much. It has a 1.25″ opening with a keyed insert to make it fit 1.125″ steerer tubes. $250.

New color options in the SL-K parts line. The pink will only have 500 of each item coming to the U.S. and a portion of the sales goes to breast cancer research.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Interbike 2010 – 2011 Look 695


Frederique of Look Cycle shows us the all new 2011 695 top of the range road bike. Look has integrated not only the seat mast, but the new HSC7 fork, headset, stem, and new ZED2 crankset. The 695 will come in two versions, the regular 695 which should be plenty stiff for most, but for those that are looking for all out stiffness, there is a SR (super rigid) version available as well.

Prototype Independent Fabrications Corvid Cyclocross Frame Spotted

Prototype Independent Fabrications Corvid Cyclocross Frame Spotted

Independent Fabrications has taken their sweet carbon Corvid frame (check these photos from NAHBS) and created a cyclocross variant.
The ‘cross version uses the same carbon lug and tube construction as their Corvid road bike, and the tubes will be sourced from ENVE Composites (you know, formerly EDGE) in IF’s Somerville workshop. Detail photos and specs of the yet unnamed model after the break…
Changes from the road bike are a PressFit 30 bottom bracket…
…and internal cable/wire guides designed with Shimano’s electronic Di2 in mind, making for a clean looking underside.
An oversized headtube is designed around an InSet headset.
Top of the top tube cable runs should keep things from getting too bogged down or rubbing you the wrong way on run ups.
Seeing as this frame is still in the development stages, it’d be really nice to see them take advantage of the UCI’s recent common sense and build in some disc brake mounts and hydraulic hose guides, you know, just to future-proof things a bit.
RoadCyclingUK reports that IF is looking for a name for this bad boy…any thoughts?

Happy Halloween: Independent Fabrication Titanium Factory Lightweight With New “Iftop” seat-clamp

Happy Halloween: Independent Fabrication Titanium Factory Lightweight With New “Iftop” seat-clamp

“Trick or treat?” Hmm, let’s see…should I take the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, the weird, homemade popcorn ball, the candy apple with the razor blade in it, or…the Independent Fabrication Titanium Factory Lightweight with its new script decal, integrated seat-mast, and “Iftop” saddle adjustment device? Tough choice. The latter option has a few attributes that make it slightly more appealing than the former three. For one thing, it has a 44.5mm down tube (a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup doesn’t even have a down tube) made possible by the combination of a BB30 integrated bottom bracket and large diameter head tube, which is designed around the new 44cm inset headset standard.

The TFL is the first IF to, as my grandmother says, “rock,” the Iftop integrated seatpost mast. Apparently a fluorescent indicator will appear when the clamp reaches its maximum height. Another interesting fact about the clamp is that is is rated for use by a 500 Lb. rider. That’s right. As impressive as that may be, former Sumo champ, Chad “Akebono” Rowan is out of luck. If only he could lose those two pesky pounds, he could get an Iftop seat clamp on his bike. And while we’re on the subject of Akebono…do you think there’s maybe a Sumo wrestler out there with “Chad” as his nickname? Yoshikaze “CHAD” Masatsugu. Ya, that doesn’t really sound right does it?

If worked closely with aarn_wrks_dsn on the final 3D drawings for this snazzy new clamp.

Part of what allowed IF to use a 44.5mm down tube is the utilization of an over-sized bottom bracket shell and press-fit BB30 bottom bracket.

This is also the first we’re seeing of the 2011 script decal. The one pictured here is painted on, but the decal will be ready for production soon(ish).

These dropouts were designed specifically for the Factory Lightweight, “Featuring a smaller overall size, drilled out faces and an engraved backside.”

And yet, they still hold a wheel in the frame, just like their heavier, uglier counterparts.

That would be the over-sized head tube.

According to the guys at IF, this bike is not a comfy ti bike designed for a fat dentist; (My words not theirs. Hey, I had to make somebody cry today and fat dentists can not only afford Gucci Ti bikes, they can afford great Psycho Therapists as well.) this bike is a mean, racin’ machine, meant to put out MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER! Maybe they should have called the bike MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER! Nah, then it would sound like something made by Colnago.