Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back on the Road!

Being an adult comes with responsibility.  Last summer I made the decision to finish a college degree that I start over 10 years ago.  What does that have to do with my bicycle?  In the spring of 2013 I striped my custom steel frame road bike.  With the idea that I was going to upgrade to Campagnolo Record group.   Then with job change, purchasing a new house and going back to school.  The upgrade never happened.  So this meant no bike for me for over a year.  This spring I called in every favor I could and came up with everything I needed to hit the road again.

My cockpit remained the same: Enve handlebar, stem, seat post and fork.  Shimano has always treated me well, so a new 11 speed Shimano Ultegra group made for a great drive train choice.  I would of liked to keep my Enve 3.4 wheel set, but when on a budget I had the guys at Biker's Edge build me a killer pair of HED Ardennes Plus wheel on a DT swiss 350 hubs.

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